Quality Assurance

We treat quality as our dignity!
Process control--Advanced testing instrument and equipment, strict inspection system aims to ensure our inspection

work. Including dial indicator, digital display vernier calipers, steel ball size measuring instrument, hardness tester,

thread plug gauge, nondestructive flaw detector on the Richter scale and so on, except for regular inspection, we also

implemented self-inspection, mutual inspection, combining special inspection.100% full inspection of raw material and

finished product, we reduce any quality defect products come into or leave our factory.

In order to guarante product quality, our company invested a R&D center, heat treatment laboratory and 

metallographic laboratory, equipping with metallographic microscope, micro hardness tester, the metallographic

sample polishing machine and CNC wire-cutting machine to detect, analyse and research on the slewing ring internal

quality of the heat treatment. On the one hand, the periodical tests are employed to explore the quality of raceway

quenching,the hardness of raceway after quenching, the depth of hardening ect. to ensure the stability of processing

quality. On the other hand,the development experiments have been done on new heat treatment technology with

advanced equipment and continuously improvement is the way to meet the technical demands from the marketplace. 


  we dissect products every day to test and verify the intrinsic quality of products. High quality is our only pursuit.