Installation Instructions

  1. Installation requirements
  l The soft zone (marked by the letter ”S” on the surface of the gear ring) and the loading plug should be located at non-loading area or light-loading area.
l The mounting surface must be clean and flat, and the burrs and greasy dirt must be removed.
l The performance classification of mounting bolt must be no less than 8.8 grade. The bolt must have enough pre-lightening force, and the pre-tightening force must be in the range of 0.6~0.7 times of the bolt material yield strength. Elastic washers should not be used.
l The pinion must be installed from the gear which painted green, and the backlash “h” between the gear and the pinion must be more than 0.6mm.

  2. Maintenance of Slewing ring
  l The slewing ring had been filled with a little No.3 lithium based grease in the raceway before delivery. Must ensure to grease the slewing ring every 100 hours. When filling grease, the slewing ring must be rotate smoothly in order to make sure evenly lubrication.
l Regularly check the seals of the slewing ring are OK, in order to prevent any foreign objects falling into the raceway.
l The gear surface should be cleaned and oiled periodically. If there is any abnormal situation be found, such as noise, shock, and increasing driving force, Please stop operating, find out the problem and remove it.