Technological Superiority

◆Technological superiority

  *Technical consultant Luo Shijun—The first theoretical research experts of slewing ring in China.

  * President Hou Ning、Wu Liping—Devote themselves to applicate and manufacturing of slewing ring since 1983.

  * Theoretical research—The chapter “Slewing Ring” on “HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR” is compiled by President Hou Ning and Deputy Chief  Engineer Xu Lihua.

Hydraulic excavator
  * University-industry cooperation--Cooperation with Anhui University of Technology and Hefei University of Technology ,, studying of basic theory of slew ring.
Figure 1 Main interface of the software
  * Value-added Service 1  Provide considerate service
  Provide the customer with the most exact, economical and practical selecting program for both new and old models according to customers' requirement.  For example: We optimize the design of slewing rings for XCMG crawler crane. We modify the design of structure from three-row roller to double-row ball. The purchase cost reduce over 40%.
  * Value-added Service 2 Throughout service
  We supply the most meticulous pre-sales, mid-sales and after-sales service, basing on our over 30 years of rich experience in slewing ring theory, design, and manufacture.